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Thanks for booking your wedding reception entertainment with Chaplins Discos.

So that we can ensure that your wedding reception goes as smoothly as possible, we ask that you spend a few moments filling out our wedding form. This helps us plan your event, know all the names of the wedding party and what your first dance is.

Please ensure that this form is filled out no less than seven days prior to your event, so your DJ can review all the information.

If your first or second dance is a track which is not a top 40 hit single, or if you have a special version of the song, like an album or extended version of the song. Please bring this on CD to your reception. We want to make sure that your first dance is as special as we can make it.

Please leave any fields blank that you don't need.

Wedding form

To ensure that we play the song, and version of that song you love. Opening dances should be left with your chosen venue on USB or CD.

Wedding form